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Surprise unlock for CoolMiniOrNot Base System

CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art Studio have a surprise unlock in their Base System Kickstarter campaign. They've unlocked new styles for their backers.



From the update:

Backers! Mr. Black here, and we're in the middle of what is known as Campaign Lull... The time during the middle (but not quite the end) of a campaign when things just seem to die down, which usually leads to a loss of momentum...

... And it's something I truly hate.

Well, we here at CMoN have decided to really give you guys a big push in the last days here, basically as sort of a rally for anyone on the fence about joining us.

What is this push, you ask anxiously?

Let me show you.

SURPRISE! We're unlocking the Old Factory, Derelict, Arcane, Jungle, Desert, and Forest Base Designs for all our backers!

We really want this to be a big push for you guys as well as the campaign. We're moving ahead of schedule, but we figured what the heck, more options for our loyal backers :)

Of course, this will change the $65,000 stretch goal... But I'll reveal those options soon :)

So come on, get the word out there, backers now have over a DOZEN base options to choose from!