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Support a Higher Porpoise With John Kovalic

Every year, famed artist John Kovalic does his bike charity event. In order to raise funds for it, he will make postcards for Munchkin that are 100% game-legal and legit. Pledging to his team during the charity ride is the only way to get ahold of these. Well, the event's coming up soon, and Mr. Kovalic's posted up the artwork for this year's card.

Higher Porpoise

All you pun-lovers out there should love it (I know I do). Obviously, this'll be cleaned up a bit for the final card, but it still looks pretty awesome. If you want to get your own, you'll have to pledge to his ride. There's only 25 days before the event, so if you want to get involved, now's the time!

Mr. Kovalic's Blog
Click Here to pledge for the event

Editor's Note: So, one of the coolest moments I had at Gen Con was meeting with the legendary John Kovalic. It was on Saturday and he'd just finished up a signing/gaming event at the CMON booth, showing off Cthulhu In The House. Unfortunately, I was occupied during his signing time, but when I got back to the booth to talk with some people about other stuff, there he was. Jared was kind enough to introduce me and I was forced to hold in all the Squeeee!s that were in my head right then. We only talked for a minute before he had to go, but still... just awesome. I've been able to meet a lot of awesome "gaming industry people" over the years, but I'd never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Kovalic. And for years, he'd been at the very top of the list of "people I want to meet." It was awesome. Really made the whole show.