SuperSystem Miniature Mayhem

Four-Color Studios is teaming up with Old Glory to give backers to the SuperSystem campaign a great deal on some minis.


From the update:

Greetings Super Friends,

Backers clamoring for more superhero miniature goodness have been a common theme in our comment section. Fear not; your voices have been heard!

Old Glory, producer of the SuperFigs line of 28mm superhero miniatures is partnering with Four-Color Studios to offer the following amazing deal to our SuperSystem 4th Edition backers:

Backers who maintain a pledge at Sidekick level or more to the SuperSystem 4th Edition Kickstarter, will receive a staggering 50% off their next order of SuperFigs from Old Glory Miniatures.

This offer is valid on one order.
This offer can not be combined with any other Old Glory discounts.
This offer can only be used on the SuperFigs range of figures.

Ditch that secret identity! Grab your cape, mask, and utility belt, and join the SuperSystem 4th Edition Team of Backers today!

-Four-Color Studios