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Superheroes need help, too

3Some Games is in their final days for the Heroes of Metro City expansion, "Sidekicks and Storylines." They're still a bit away from their goal, but with a final push, they hopefully can make it over.
I picked up the base game at GenCon last year and really enjoy it. I suggest you check it out.


From the campaign:

In the new Deluxe Kickstarter (KS) Edition of the Sidekicks & Storylines expansion, we add 160 new cards into the mix. There are 7 new Power cards, such as the electrifying Charged Grip which delivers more damage the more you build up your Energy first. It also contains 3 new Energy Sources, such as Metamorphosis, which rewards you with Plot Points (the game's currency) when you use energy-supplying Power cards (like Martial Arts Mastery or Accelerating Superspeed). Perhaps you're looking for more Archenemies to fight? Sidekicks and Storylines has three new terrifying masterminds of evil, including the murderous Killswitch Supreme, a cold fusion-powered cyborg who is only weakened when the Heroic team (that's you) fights as one. Only the Deluxe KS Edition will contain the 3 new Archenemies and the 1 new Villain -- THE RETAIL VERSION WILL NOT. Backing this project now gets you more cards!