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Supergame 3rd Edition Now Available

Superheroes are a pretty big thing right now. Beings of power much greater than your average human are punching their way through all manner of villains on the big and little screens, having leapt off the comic pages. But what about when you want to join in with them on their adventures? That's where Supergame comes in. It's one of the original superhero RPGs, and it's back with a new edition. You can pick up your copy now (spandex outfit and cape sold separately).

From the post:

Supergame was one of the earliest superhero roleplaying games, and is back in an all-new Third Edition. This new version is designed to be quick and exciting without straining your budget. Create your own hero in minutes with a wide range of powers that can be measured with universal benchmarks.

Supergame 3E is now available in PDF format. You can also pre-order the Softcover for only $16.95 (regular price of $19.95) and read the PDF while you wait.

The classic version of Supergame is also available in both PDF and Softcover formats, combining first and second editions, as well as its two supplements, into a single volume.