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Superfluid Industries previews Waverider WIP 3D render for Dying Star: Oblivion

Superfluid Industries is showing off another 3D render WIP for their Dying Star: Oblivion Kickstarter campaign. This one's the Waverider.

From the update:

afternoon again everyone :)

back again with an update on the sculpting front :) the female Waveriders coming along nicely, and should hopefully be complete within the next few days :) and I've included a work in progress shot of the sculpt so far, next to the concept art for the male Waverider :)

on the printing side of things, the Dominator and Earth Reaver should be finished printing by friday or saturday, and we'll be posting up some lovely pics for you to feast your eyes on when we get them :D

also, the leader so far in the vote to see who gets sculpted next, seems to be the Magta giants at the moment :) but there's still plenty of time to cast your votes, if there's another model you'd like to see made first :)

speak to you all soon :)