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SuperAge RPG Coming To Kickstarter May 9th

Preparation beats expiration. Knowing what Kickstarter campaigns are coming up is vital to making sure your wallet doesn't just explode. If you're a fan of superhero RPGs, you'll want to keep an eye out on May 9th. That's when SuperAge, a new supers game will be making its way to Kickstarter.

About the game:

The new SuperAge tabletop RPG by Strange Machine Games is launching on Kickstarter May 9th at noon. SuperAge strives to to create a new game play experience though massive character generation options, player driven cinematic choices and dynamic character interactions. See a preview of the campaign here and download character sheets, read a Q/A about the game, watch a short playthrough video, and learn to make a character:

SuperAge is filled with amazing art hand drawn in the iconic comic style and features a dynamic Art Deco layout.

Create your perfect Super in the new Golden Age of man, set in the near future. Use your abilities to investigate cults, dark financial dealings and alien threats. Travel to parallel worlds, colonized caverns deep inside the Earth and to bustling cities filled with super-powered people. You may choose to save the world or be the cause of it all collapsing. SuperAge is designed to replicate the comic-style action we’ve all seen in the movies, TV and in books. Find a way to beat your nemesis that knows your weaknesses and exploit enemy weaknesses on the fly.

SuperAge brings playing superheroes to tabletop like nothing else.