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"Super Special Offer" for Rules of Engagement from Great Escape Games ending soon

Great Escape Games only has 3 days left on their bundle offer for Rules of Engagement. Don't let time run out!

From the sales sheet:

To celebrate the final completion and launch of our new website, we have been having a super special offer on the very fine Rules of Engagement for WWII.

This opening month offer comes to an end on the 31st of May.

Rules of Engagement is the popular WWII wargame for platoon-level forces, in which one model equals one man. RoE is geared toward 28mm figures, though we have many players that use other scales (we quite often play large games in 20mm ourselves).

The new site also has regularly updated hobby blogs for WWII and the medieval/ancient periods, plus previews, free downloads, army lists, painting guides, forum, and a rather nicely-put-together shop.

We've been adding new stuff and will announce the stocking of an unrivalled range of WW2 goodies very soon.