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Super Powered Smash Masters Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Comics are weird. You've got people in gaudy spandex outfits throwing buses at one-another while laser eye-blasts level entire city blocks. ... ... Isn't it awesome!? Such odd fights between strange superheroes is just what Super Powered Smash Masters is all about. Get your team of heroes and beat the crap out of your opponent's heroes.


In the game, players are in charge of a group of superheroes, looking to defeat the opponent's heroes. You start out with 9 heroes and a deck of 50 action cards. Deal out the first 3 heroes in front of you and draw up the first five action cards and you're ready to go. Then, it's a simple act of eliminating enemy heroes in whatever way you can. Launch missiles, scratch at them with titanium claws, or just cancel the hero's comic (yeah, it gets meta and breaks the 4th wall). Last person with heroes still standing is the victor.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now with 30 days still on the clock.