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Super PACs Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Yes, kids, it's election season here in the US. As if you couldn't tell from things like your Facebook feed, or Twitter feed, or the news sites, or... basically anywhere you look. Well, that "anywhere" includes the gaming world. Many see elections as a big game, so they figure why not actually make it a game on your tabletop? Such is the case for Merlin Pool Games and their new game, Super PACs: The Game of Politics About the Game of Politics. They're up on Kickstarter now and would love to have your vote.

In the game, you are in charge of a power-hungry candidate who must get followers in any way they can. Each group that you bring to your side gives you a special ability that will further enhance your goals to take over the world! ... err.. Take over the mythical country of Humerica, that is. *cough*
Anyway, will you be the one sitting in the big office at the end of the election? You certainly hope so.

The campaign is up and running now and is about 3/4 of their way to funding. The Kickstarter is set to run for another 20 days.