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Super Happy Sentai Hour RPG Up On Kickstarter

I remember when the Power Rangers first came out here in the states. I watched that initial episode and thought, "you know... that's cool and all... but it's just not for me." I think I was like, just a couple weeks "too old" for it at the time. However, as I've gotten older, I've certainly gained an appreciation for giant robots, and I love old Godzilla movies. And what's a sentai if not the mashing together of those two things? As such, something like Super Happy Sentai Hour, an RPG that's been designed from the ground up around the idea of sentai, interests me. It's up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Several years back we took a stab at making an RPG, in the underdeveloped genre of Sentai. To our knowledge at the time there were very few RPGs in the genre and the few that we could find were either, a section of "hey this could be used for sentai" in some anime inspired RPGS, or were games that used other systems like FATE or D20, to apply the sentai rules to. But none of us had seen an actual Sentai RPG build for sentai from the ground up, armed with this and our love of the genre we set about to make a small game (limited print run at Xenocon 3, and PDF at It seemed to be a hit, as did the companion supplement we made. Decent sales and reviews made us feel pretty good, but why not go bigger?

And that's what this is. adding production value with better artwork, combining the supplement and the core book into one volume (so you no longer have to swap between books!) and adding a few new things (including 36 more monster templates, and a new optional mecha creation and combat system) we figured now was the time to strike!On top of this for the first time we will be selling the game as a P.O.D. through Drivethru RPG.

The new material is mostly already added to the core book, and a great deal of the editing is done. And all cards on the table this game WILL be released even if this kickstarter does not meet it's goal, so why do a kickstarter? two reasons! Firstly to promote the game to an audience that may not have known it existed! Second to add to the production value, The money we get can be put into art buy to make the game look less like the (admittedly) limited art skills of yours truly, but to get new art and new talent to turn a rather utilitarian game into something that can sit in your RPG library proudly next to other great games!

The Kickstarter campaign is running now. It's set to go for another 19 days.