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By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Aug 9th, 2015

Sunday. For some, it’s a nice, quiet day of relaxing before heading back into the office on Monday. For others, it’s a time to get everything done for the weekend that you need to do because you were busy having a good time on Saturday. The latter is how I’d describe my Sunday today. I had some friends over yesterday. I made Italian Beef and Dark Chocolate Caramel Brownies. We played many games of Ascension. It was a good time.

But that leaves me today doing laundry, cleaning dishes, and getting things prepped for the upcoming week. Breakfast and lunch have just been quick bites of something small.
Just like the couple of stories I bring you now (can I write a segue or what?)

In this batch we have: Kromlech New Release – Rocky Outcrop resin bases and New Troops join to the human factions in BlackChapel miniatures.

Kromlech New Release – Rocky Outcrop resin bases


we have a new massive release today.
Our very first resin base series: Rocky Outcrop.
There are 10 different products, round and oval.
From small 25mm round base to super size 170mm oval base.

New Troops join to the human factions in BlackChapel miniatures

NEW RELEASES, New troops join to the Human factions

We have some news, first: we upgraded and renovated the BlackChapel miniatures website to give it more functionality and better access to the content.

Beyond the redesign, we made our web responsive to all your devices (computer, tablet and mobile).

And secondly: if a few months ago reinforcements arrived to the dwarfs, this time new troops join to the human factions.

In addition to the miniatures, we add to our catalog a set of scenic bases. The pack of 20mm forest square bases (6 units).

We hoped you liked it!

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  • I appreciate how difficult it is to write filler copy, I do – and I know you’re just trying to fill the space before the click, but is it really necessary for us to hear that you cooked brownies and did the dishes on Sunday? I come here to get game news. I’m not that that interested in your domestic life.

    This feedback is nothing personal. There are so few comments on this site these days that you may feel you’re talking to an empty room, which is hard. But I’ve been noticing this for a while, as someone who has been coming regularly to this site for years. I’d prefer to just get the latest news without the chatty filler and strained segues. Do you think others might feel the same way?

    • I’ve gotten mixed reactions to my posts (which should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone). Some people, such as yourself, want the Dragnet-style “Just the facts, ma’am.” types of posts. Others have felt that’s far too “sterile” and prefer the “voice” that brief glimpses onto the other side of the screen provide.

      Worse comes to worse, if you don’t like them, you just hit “Read More” and skip the top paragraph. I know what I type isn’t going to be for everyone. And yes, it often does feel like I’m “talking to an empty room.” So do I use my “here’s what I’m doing in my life” bits as conversation-bait? Certainly. If “you all” don’t want to talk about gaming, maybe I can get you talking about cooking (my major hobby these days, since gaming has become my professional life). And, indeed, I have sometimes had a couple posts back-and-forth about cooking with some people.

      At the end of it, I just want to see conversation here on the site. I know how many people visit the site in a given day. Everyone can see how many views a certain post has gotten. Every day, posts will get hundreds of views and nobody will say anything about it, good, bad, or otherwise. We’ve tried to clean out the trolls and make a place where people can talk (this new comment system was implemented to help with that). I try and give prompts in terms of what I’m doing and what I might be interested in with the hopes that others will respond in kind. It often doesn’t work. But I’m certainly not going to give up.

      • Here’s my opinion on the matter – and it is of course just my opinion. My only credentials are that I’ve been visiting for years and remember when the comments were much busier; and that I run a site myself and know how hard it is to stimulate discussion.

        The challenge is attracting people who write interesting and amusing responses, and unfortunately, in ‘clearing’ the comments, they were cleaned so much they became virtually sterile. I think the censoring and editorialising was too heavy-handed, and some interesting commenters were driven away as a result. Sometimes people lik to say negative things, and if it doesn’t get out of hand, it can lead to interestin discussions; and gamers on the whole tend to be pretty reasonabl in the end.

        Also, I think many people appreciated the fact that this was just a NEWS site, and the colour came from the comments, not the blurbs.

        Anyway, why not find out what your readers think? Run some polls. Ask for their opinion.

        I realise I can skip the blurbs, but – I apologise, it may be just me – I find them irritating and distracting. But maybe a significant percentage of your audience does come to a games news site for cooking discussion, I don’t know! 🙂

        • I certainly appreciate the feedback. And hey, discussion in the comments section! My typing about cooking has paid off! 😛

          The loss of all the previous comments was a bit regrettable, and not something that had been intended. We didn’t start out going, “Yeah, let’s just wipe everything away.” It was more of a, “Oh… crap… well… then that happened.” But to be honest, thinking about it, saying, “well, my comments from 2 years ago aren’t still here, so I won’t comment now” is kind of a lame reason to not want to comment anymore (and we are coming up on almost a year since the site update). And yes, we got rid of some of the more… interesting commenters, but at the time when they were making attacks on other commenters and other people working here at the time, it was just something that had to be done. I’d had many conversations, privately, with some of those commenters and they know that they were being watched for any sort of personal attacks. TGN has always allowed comments of, “I think this game is crap.” but when that crosses over to, “I think you’re crap for liking this game.” then it’s gone too far. And a couple people had just crossed that line too often.

      • mathieu

        ‘Every day, posts will get hundreds of views and nobody will say anything about it, good, bad, or otherwise.’

        There ought to be a system that tells you how many actual reads a post got. Something along the line of the post got accessed, but some reasonable amount of time elapsed before the reader left. I know I spend but a fraction of the time I used to on TGN, and the few times I come over at most I’ll end up opening a couple of posts (so I “viewed” them) but only spending a few seconds on them before leaving. Why? Most often because the only thing of interest in the posts is the link to the actual news, which unfortunately never shows on the main page. And once I’ve left there rarely is anything substantial in the original TGN post to make me want to come back and comment.

        The only posts I actually spend time on (and I feel that it’s safe to assume I’m far from the only one) are the ones that do generate discussions (sometimes accidentally — I don’t even know what this news entry is taking about, and as I admit this I sadly realize I have no desire to scroll up to figure it out). Meaning I often only check out the “recent comments” and navigate the site from there. And, even still, I rarely click on a comment link if that’s the only one pertaining to that news entry in the recent comments.
        Further more, I won’t even stop by TGN for a while if there happens to be one of these silly “comment and you’ll have a chance to win…” posts that artificially generate traffic and frustratingly saturate the new comments column.

        A method to evaluate what does get read could be a way to figure out what still interests people on this site. Instead of a view count that barely varies from one news post to the next.

  • Val Valiant Five

    Beef and brownies are a good mix, as is a potpourri of responses in the comments section. I for one, loved to hear that you are getting caught up on your laundry and are staying on top of the dishes, it reminded me that I need to go the same. The Kromtech and Blackchapel stuff looks good, but I am eagerly awaiting a heads up on the new GW, Quest for Ghal Maraz Realmgate Wars… So I can lambaste them for a cover design that makes my eyes hurt. If I had drawn that gold cover helmet myself I would have erased it from my sketchbook without a second thought. >:)>

    You have also inspired me to play my copy of Ascension, which I will do now – after I do laundry and the dishes that is. 😉

    • I picked up the new Locations pack at Gen Con. We tried that out during our games. However, after some play, we decided that as-is, they are rather broken. The rules for them specifically say they stack if you get multiple ones in one place. Well, that can get pretty crazy. And since if a place has a location, it becomes a place where it’s more likely the card on top will be purchased/defeated. That means it’s more likely that the center deck will be replacing those cards. That means it’s more likely that those spots are going to get multiple locations added to it. The fix we found was pretty simple: 1) New Locations replace old locations (like Events do). 2) All Locations are “Once per turn.” That helps keep it from ending up with a single space where “All Heroes cost 4 less to recruit, and every time you recruit a hero here, get a free Mystic or Heavy Infantry, and when you replace the card, if it has the same faction, you get it fro free.” like we had in one game.

  • estrus

    Ever since the “upgrade” it’s a ghost-town.
    Unless it’s a GW entry, then it provides far more entertainment than they every could.

    • Trent

      I visit TGN about half as much now as compared to pre-upgrade. And I visited even more before the CMON takeover. Pixelgeek was a total curmudgeon, but he was at least smart and a good writer.

      Polar Bear seems like a nice guy, but not a great writer. And the new layout just sucks on PC. The comments section has indeed died off completely. Total shame.

  • Earthworm Joe

    I, personally, didn’t mind the “off-the-beaten-path” detour. Nothing wrong with being a ‘lil personable amidst the towering abundance of news. Gamers have lives (some of them, at least)…the events of said Sunday was news to me. Either way, whether it be talk about Gen Con or about your sticky whale adventures…it got enough attention which finangled comments. I research daily and at least 90% of blogs, journals, newspaper articles, online selling platforms i study, ranging from crafts to entrepreneurship, have a lil blurb about the person writing the article. With interaction on TGN being low, perhaps this “personableness” is the needed life-saving elixir. These are my thoughts, not intended to imply any right or wrong.