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Sunday Snippets

Welcome back again to TGN. Hopefully you had a good day yesterday. I spent the morning cleaning the place up a bit. Then most of the afternoon assembling a little more than half of the Age of Sigmar box set. The other half will be done today, after I get this post scheduled up. I've just got the Khorne warrior-dudes left to go.

How about you? What sort of gaming-related activities did you do yesterday/have planned for today?

In this batch of snippets we've got: A couple more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Advanced Deployment's Huge Birthday Sale, Schleswig Holstein flags from Victorian Steel, Shattered Crown Previews Bear Cavalry Render, and Last days for RN Estudio's Latest Fantasy Sports Indiegogo campaign.

The Fiver with Grant Rodiek on Designing Hocus


Hi! My name is Grant Rodiek. I’m a 31-year-old video game developer who lives in San Francisco with my fiance (wife shortly) and corgi. I devote my free time to creating and playing tabletop games, running, and trying out as many San Francisco restaurants as possible. I’m obsessed with games and they’re constantly on my mind.

The Fiver with Joshua Cappel on Designing Foodfighters


Hi, folks at home! I’m Joshua Cappel. “Cappel” rhymes with “lapel”, in case you ever find yourself needing to say it out loud. You never know, right? I am from Toronto, Canada, and I’m a game artist and game designer. My hobbies are mostly all wrapped up with those two occupations, but I also dig outdoorsy non-organized-sport stuff like hiking and climbing and paddling.

Advanced Deployment's Huge Birthday Sale

Birthday Sale

Join us as we celebrate our Founder's Birthday!
From July 11-13 when you enter code HAPPYBDAY! you can save 30% off your order of $30 or more!
We have a ton of new products, and a special section of Limited Edition items back for this event! Check them out under the "Back for the Birthday" heading!

We have a bunch of new tokens and accessories:

Faction Specific Tokens:
Feat Tokens
Customizable Spell Tokens
Focus/Fury Tokens

Generic Customized Spell Tokens

A slew of new tokens for the Crossroads book!

Some of our most popular LE tokens are back, including our Meme Objective Markers!

Schleswig Holstein flags from Victorian Steel


Flags available on the website.
27 flags for the army of Holstein, these are really good print quality and great value for money, so far over £300 has been raised towards Combat Stress, if it was not for the flags this money would never of been raised so a big thank you for the donations to all who have contributed in buying the flags.

The army of Holstein carried flags of black, red and gold, horizontal and vertical with the black being nearest to the staff, they also carried the blue white and red flag with the coat of arms in the center, a number of mottos were written on these colours and in german writtings, these are also represented on the colours.

More to follow over the coming weeks,these will be the full army of Denmark including the cavalry and reserves,plus many colourful Prussian flags which could be used from the Napoleonic wars to the Franco-Prussian war.

Shattered Crown Previews Bear Cavalry Render

Dead Earth Games are proud to release images of the latest sculpt to be revealed for The Shattered Crown, their new fantasy battle gaming currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Last days for RN Estudio's Latest Fantasy Sports Indiegogo campaign

Last 5 days! 4 teams fantasy football Rn estudio