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Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Hopefully your weekend has been going well. D&D was rather epic yesterday. At one point, it involved using Unseen Servants and Glibness to move an ogre corpse around Marionette-style in an elaborate plan to scare/intimidate other ogres and giants. It... was an interesting session...

Anyway, what we're here for isn't stories of extremely ill-conceived gaming plots, we're here for some bite-sized gaming stories.

In this installment we have: New items from Thomarillion, First Knight by Kabuki Models soon available for purchase, Kromlech New Release - Goblin Grease Monkeys, Corner shop added to Sally 4ths range of 28mm photo realistic terrain, Burn In Designs release new church set for their Welcome to Rock Ridge Terrain Kits, New Mats and Terrain from Paper Wargames, Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Trip & Trap, and a Hitech Miniatures new release.

New items from Thomarillion

Thomarillion released a wall and a set of rune stones.

First Knight by Kabuki Models...soon available for purchase!

FIRST KNIGHT will soon be available from Kabuki Models

Stay tuned!

Kromlech New Release - Goblin Grease Monkeys


meet our new trio of Goblin Super Heroes !

Smaggot "da Wrench"
Gimzo "Minesweeper"
Kitt Burney

Corner shop added to Sally 4ths range of 28mm photo realistic terrain

The latest model kit to join Sally 4th's range of photo realistic building models is a set of two shops, one of which is a corner shop. The shops have been designed to be compatible with the existing terraced houses and public house.

The kit cost £17.50.
Walls are made from 3mm Medite, base and roofs from 2mm MDF, forming a good solid structure. The base measures 200mm x 300mm, the building 150mm x 200mm.
The roof is removable to allow figures to be placed inside.

Burn In Designs release new church set for their Welcome to Rock Ridge Terrain Kits

Church B 3

Burn In Designs has released a new terrain kit for their old west terrain set Welcome to Rock Ridge. The Church set includes the main building and interior furnishing pieces scaled for 28 heroic through 40mm game system.

New Mats and Terrain from Paper Wargames

Pwork Wargames ( new release is the size 3x3' (90x90cm) available for all Pwork Wargame Mats, that allows also to play more different games with our Wargame Mats as playing surface.
Pwork Wargame Mats are available in this new size both in PVC-printed version and PDF-printable version (new Wargame Mats designs are available only in PVC-printed version).
Here are some pics of some of our best-selling PDF-printable Wargame Mats: City Ruins, The Valley, Badlands, and Darkburg.

On the website you will also find a lot of PDF-printable sceneries, including the new set of buildings and sceneries perfect for Infinity.
You can choose the whole set or only a single scenery, they will make your game table absolutely fantastic.
We will steadily keep you posted about new releases and new Pwork products.
Thank you all and never stop playing!

Heroic Maps - Storeys: The Trip & Trap


The Trip and Trap is a printable dungeon floorplan compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

The Trip and Trap is a multiple level set, comprising 3 battlemaps (each depicting a different floor)

Ground Floor - Set near a river and stone bridge, the ground floor of the tavern surrounds a small courtyard, and features a bar, tables, kitchen, stables and reception area.
1st Floor - The upstairs of the Trip & Trap can be reached via internal stairs, or a set of stairs that lead to a gallery balcony. There are a variety of rooms - fine, expensive rooms; cheap rooms and dormitory rooms. There is also a room for the innkeeper.
Cellar - The basement of the tavern is full of barrels, chests and boxes.
Secret rooms - Also included is a set of 3 small stand-alone rooms that can be used as secret rooms in the cellar. The Innkeeper is probably honest - but there's a chance that he's running a smuggling scheme, and has an office in the cellar. Perhaps he has a prison where he incarcerates his guests, or maybe he's a secret zealot in a cult.

Hitech Miniatures new release


Congregation Of Nuns
Consecrated Virgin "Victoria Blast"
Multipart (6 pieces) 28mm scale miniature represents "Victoria" - female SF warrior
This is high quality , resin miniature which comes unpainted and require assembly.
Feet to the eyeline dimension 30mm
1) Body 2) Left arm 3) Right arm 4)Burning blade 5) Banner 6)