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Sunday Snippets

Hey everyone.
Well, I'm back home again. What? You didn't realize I wasn't sitting in the office as usual this week? That's because TGN is always in my heart and I take it wherever I go.
... ... I also have a laptop and can basically work from anywhere with an internet connection. :P
Anyway, travel can really take the energy out of you, so let's stock back up with some bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: Wander Reaches Funding Goal Adds Rayna as Add-On, Mage Company Kickstarter Program 16', Dungeon Explore 3D printable Card Tray From Maker Games, and Khurasan releases more 15mm sci fi cars.

Wander Reaches Funding Goal Adds Rayna as Add-On

Ladies and gentleman, we are OFFICIALLY FUNDED!!! We are absolutely at a loss for words, this is just incredible! This is the culmination of a ton of hard work and time put in and it has finally paid off! We cant thank you guys enough supporting this campaign! We wouldn't have been able to do it without you, and not just for backing this Kickstarter...but for sharing posts and updates. Its just amazing. With your help, we will now be able to make these miniatures a reality!

Now, with our initial base goal funded we still have plenty of time left on this campaign to break into some stretch goals, so lets see if we cant make it happen and expand this line a little bit more! As previewed earlier, our first miniature up is Jon the Chameleon Bard!

Mage Company Kickstarter Program 16'

MAGE Company will be running three new Kickstarter campaigns for its brand new games Carrotia, the Cohort and 12 Realms: Dungeonland.

Dungeon Explore 3D printable Card Tray From Maker Games


I wanted to share this interesting co-op between Ill Gotten Games and Maker Games. You may know Ill Gotten Games from all of the awesome 3D printable miniatures and terrain pieces they create. They recently teamed up with Maker Games to support the launch of the Dungeon Explore Card Deck on Kickstarter.

Adrian Croft (a.k.a @Dutchmogul) from Ill Gotten Games created this really awesome square card tray that can be downloaded for free and printed on a 3D printer. It has some intricate stonework and embossed shadowy figures that matches the style of the cards. Check it out.

Khurasan releases more 15mm sci fi cars

We are very pleased to release four more codes for our 15mm sci fi cars -- sportier versions of our original cars, and little runabouts meant to carry only a single person. Each is available with either grav or wheeled drive.

As these function primarily as terrain features in most 15mm sci fi squad level gaming, they were designed to be simple and economical in appearance, in order not to detract from the appearance of the combat units!

Available now.