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Sunday Snippets

I hope everyone's weekend is going well. And to all you fathers out there, Happy Father's Day. At least, that's the holiday here in the US today. Go out and get yourself some steak and potatoes.

Anyway, while the grill warms up and the potatoes are in the oven, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Red Panda Miniatures Posts new 360 Video, Anne Bonny 75mm preorder now open From Kabuki Models, Brigade Models Release German Merchant Aeronef, District Games and ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH announce a distribution agreement for the international release and Kickstarter campaign of the Warage Card Game, and Goblin King Games on Kickstarter for just a few more days.

Red Panda Miniatures Posts new 360 Video

Until the launch its all about the hype train, so without further ado we wanted to present the last 360 video we have for the week! Here’s Ibexus, the grumpiest of goat wizards. He’ll be available as part of the base goal in the kickstarter, with many MANY more designs waiting in the stretch goals! Were hoping we can get to them, there’s too many fun designs waiting to happen

Anne Bonny 75mm preorder now open From Kabuki Models


as usual Sergio's work was worth the wait!!!
take a look at the awesome boxart of ANNE BONNY (limited edition)!!!
The good news is that now you don't have to just watch, you can preorder your own copy of this amazing kit!
We just started the preorder for the 100units offered as Kabuki Studio web exclusive, the benefits are:
- 5,00euro discount over the full retail price
- you get the unique limited edition parts (Jolly Rogers sword's hilt and pistol)
- special limited edition packaging numbered and signed by the character designer Alessandro "Shin" Trombetta
- be among the first to paint Anne Bonny!
if you are interested to buy your copy or even to just take a look at Sergio Calvo Rubio's awesome work visit our website

Sturmovik Commander sets Available From Assault Publishing

Luftwaffe medium bomber set

Today we add new assortment to the Assault Publishing on-line store. We decided to make repacked WW2-period aircraft in 3mm (1/600) manufactured by Oddzia³ Oœmy dedicated to our Sturmovik Commander ruleset. These sets are prepared in short series to allow bigger variety and possibility of adding more repacks quickly. The aircraft sets consist of from 8 to 12 models.

At the beginning we start with classical Battle of Britain/early war sets both for RAF and Luftwaffe. Also we can recommend new transparent bases, which have shape ideal for Sturmovik Commander and small 20mm round bases perfect for mounting AA guns.

Brigade Models Release German Merchant Aeronef

German Merchants

Our focus has been largely on ground SF lately, with the 15mm and 6mm ranges getting a number of new releases. However, Aeronef still has a large and faithful following so we like to keep the range moving with the occasional new model or two.

We have a small number of merchant Aeronef, mostly British and French, but today we’re releasing three German models. The hull forms are clearly recognisable as German, being very similar in style to their warships.

The huge Widder freighter has a resin hull with metal components, while the two smaller vessels are all metal. Bothe the Widder and Belchen coaler have metal deck cranes to help with unloading. There is also a German Convoy pack containing seven merchants plus escort vessels to help create scenarios.

VANFP-5003 – German Merchant Convoy – £22.00
VAN-5011 – Widder class Heavy Merchant – £7.00
VAN-5012 – Belchen class Coaler – £1.50
VAN-5013 – Marburg class Lighter – £1.50

District Games and ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH announce a distribution agreement for the international release and Kickstarter campaign of the Warage Card Game


District Games announces a new agreement for the international distribution of the Warage Card Game, signed with ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH, a leading European distributor of hobby games and products – including Magic: The Gathering. In a few weeks, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will anticipate the international release of the game, that will include 12 mini-expansions throughout the first year, on top of a ready-to-play starter set already released by District Games in 2014.

The campaign will allow backers from all over the world to have early access to two Kickstarter Exclusive expansions in addition to all the ones that will be unlocked (i.e. Season Chapters) as soon as the stretch goals are reached.

“Warage is a beautiful and very versatile game system. We believe in its international success!” – says Uli Blennemann, Brand Manager at Blackfire.

More than 1,000 cards have already been created and released in Italy since 2013 through several expansions, which will now be translated to English and split into 55-card Chapters to be released at the beginning of each new season.

Pietro Puglisi, District Games: “The mix of deckbuilding, speed and roleplay makes Warage a unique product in the card game world. We believe that after the huge work done in Italy by the development team, the incredible 40+ illustrators and all those who supported the growth of the game, the time has come to give this title an international shot – with a year-long release plan already in place.”

More than 3,000 players have enjoyed Warage in Italy so far. Its setting and background universe is endlessly being expanded through the books published in Italy over the past few years (“The Peak of the Angels” and “The March of the Deads”) – to be translated in English too, soon – and through the release of a Savage Worlds setting manual, published in 2014.

In 2014 District Games successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the starter set in English. The funding goal was reached in 48 hours, with more than 350 international backers pledging a total of $15,000.

The campaign will start on Monday June 27th at 6:30pm CET. A preview link to the campaign page will be available 1 week before the launch. All our fans will then be able to discover the Early Bird opportunities

Goblin King Games on Kickstarter for just a few more days


In traditional faerie tales, goblins, imps, and pixies would appear out of the ground as if by magic.

Just like these little critters, Goblin King Games appeared out of no where providing a Kickstarter to one of the most imaginative miniatures I've ever seen!

The Kickstarter is funded, with a single miniature called Firespitter as the main pledge, complete with an additional miniature addon and a current stretch goal yet to be unlocked for base accessories.

These models are unique, amusing, and at a reasonable price.