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Sunday Snippets

Hey everyone. I hope your Tabletop Day yesterday was good. I hope you enjoyed the Unboxing of Lost Patrol. I'm spending much of the day today putting together that set so I can try it out over the coming weeks. I'm also going to be baking German Chocolate Cake Cookies.
Yes, they will be as good as they sound.

But in the meantime, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Dice Tower Awards Nominees Posted, Warsenal new Limited Edition Infinity the Game Unit Markers for April, Functional Art - Dice Tower & Dice Box On Kickstarter, Final Hours for Moscow '41 On Kickstarter, KaYo Miniatures Running Simplicity 75mm resin cast Miniature Kickstarter, and Final Week for Xibalba On Kickstarter.

Dice Tower Awards Nominees Posted

The Dice Tower Network is proud to announce the Dice Tower Gaming Awards for 2015! Congratulations to all publishers, designers, and artists!

Warsenal new Limited Edition Infinity the Game Unit Markers for April

New Limited Edition Unit Markers are up in the Warsenal Store for the Infinity the Game April Releases!

This month features the new Imperial Service Starter Box, so we have 25mm tokens for the Celestial Guard, Imperial Agent: Crane Rank, Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank, and the Zhànying Imperial Agents.

The Maghariba Guard gets 25mm tokens and the Nomads Reverend Healer gets a Blast Template.

Act fast, as once the month is over, these tokens and templates will be gone for good!

Functional Art - Dice Tower & Dice Box On Kickstarter

Dice Tower

BlackThumb Creations has just begun a Kickstarter campaign for their new Dice Towers. They are available as DIY kits, assembled stained and varnished or custom made from solid wood with custom engraving.

They have been selling locally in Calgary, Canada and will now available everywhere through this Kickstarter

Final Hours for Moscow '41 On Kickstarter

Moscow 41

VentoNuovo Games, the maker of Blocks in the East and Waterloo 200, has launched its very first kickstarter. And successfully funded in the first 24 hours!

Moscow '41 is a medium complexity game on the most important campaign of WW2, using colorful wooden blocks for easy record keeping and "Fog of War." The Rules draft and How to Play videos can be found in the Updates section.

Some great stretch goals available. Plus great prices on other VentoNuovo games. And an extra present if you sign up BEFORE the last 24 hours. (See Updates for details, rules, video, and cool additions the designer is making.)

KaYo Miniatures Running Simplicity 75mm resin cast Miniature Kickstarter
Note: The miniature is a nude. So beware when you click.


Hello Again. This is the third KS of KaYo Miniatures. This kickstarter is supposed to be intimate like the miniature is. Just an artist sharing his passion for beauty with his friends A.K.A. you!

Final Week for Xibalba On Kickstarter


Xibalba enters its final week on Kickstarter and celebrates this with a new expansion and a new pledge level that gives you all the add-ons and stretch goals including world wide shipping for just 75€!