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Sunday Snippets

And we're back to a "standard weekend" after the whirlwind that was Adepticon. As great as conventions are, it's the "calm between the storms" that make us appreciate the storms (... I'm not the only one that really likes thunderstorms, am I?).

Anyway, odd metaphors aside, it's time to munch on some bite-sized stories before we get back to the work week tomorrow.

So on our Snippets platter today we have: New Soccer Tokens From Advanced Deployment, JoeK Minis Running Odyssey: Argonauts Kickstarter, and

New Soccer Tokens From Advanced Deployment

Soccer Tokens

New Goods in the store.
Customizable Mob Soccer Tokens and Templates
New Precision Widgets!
Mob Soccer Combo Sets
And more!

JoeK Minis Running Odyssey: Argonauts Kickstarter

Odyssey Argonauts

Odyssey is a range of figures set in the distant future. Gods are real, and they’re very, very angry. The Argonauts have embarked on the voyage, led by Jason and they’re ready to fight back!

Which is a very basic background (more later!). Suffice to say this is a project to make more fantastic figures for the Odyssey range, and I need your help to produce them! The plan is pretty much in three easy steps:

Succession! Comes to Kickstarter April 12th


It’s Your Time To Rule!
New game from the creators of The Great Debate and Cast and Capture launching on Kickstarter on April 5th.
Dave Ferguson and Ben Stiers, designers for their own companies, are returning to Kickstarter to seek funding for their new game, Succession! Game lovers familiar with the memory and deduction game mechanics with quick game play will feel right at home in Succession.
Succession! has been blind play tested by over 100 people across the nation, and it will launch on Kickstarter with the full art and design complete. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at $10, including free shipping to individuals in the US. Other countries will be subsidized by the amount that is free to the US. We will also have a bulk shipping.

About the game:
Alexander Cornelius V, The King of Dayrm is DEAD! With no legitimate heir, the kingdom is in chaos! As the head of a noble house, this is your time opportunity to seize control. It is now time to summon your escorts, send out your envoys, and hire enemies to stop the other nobles from doing the same. Only through your choices can you guarantee your bloodlines Succession!
In Succession, you and your friends are nobles who are each trying become the new monarch by influencing the royal court. To do this, you must send Vassals (cards) from all over the kingdom to the safety of the throne room, while also preventing your opponents from doing the same. Each of you only have the same nine types of Vassals, so it will take savvy planning, keen deduction, and a good memory to win the day. Once all the Vassals are sent, captured, or collected, the noble with the most influence(points) is the new ruler of the Kingdom of Dayrm!
Number of players: 2-6
Time required: 10 minutes
Recommended ages: 12+