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Sunday Snippets

When people ask me what I'm doing on Sunday, I generally say, "As little as possible."
Granted, considering today has included making breakfast, doing dishes, doing laundry, prepping to cook what will be dinners this week, work on putting together models, and work on a review article, "as little as possible" actually include a lot of things.
It also includes bringing you some bite-sized gaming stories. So let's get to it so I can get back to that giant list of things.

Today's stories are: Victrix Previews Iberian Cavalry, New Release Available From Hitech Miniatures, Mounted German Schutztruppen Available From Askari Miniatures, Pledge Manager to Open Soon For Toughest Girls of the Galaxy II, and Voodooworx Miniatures Release Hul'Gren: The Collector.

Victrix Previews Iberian Cavalry

Iberian Cavalry
The release date is uncertain at present but I would expect sometime over the summer. The set will be made up of 3 horses and 3 riders but with lots of head, creast, and arm options so there will be plenty of scope for ensuring every figure and horse looks u...nique. We will probably sell it in sets of 12 figures.

New Release Available From Hitech Miniatures

Astro Navigator ASPHYX
28mm scale miniature represent "Asphyx" .
This is a high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and not requires assembly.
Feet to eyeline dimension: 34mm
1) Body 2) Stuff 3) left hand 4) 25mm base.

Mounted German Schutztruppen Available From Askari Miniatures

We've adding the mounted Schutztruppe to our German Colonials line. The Germans in the Deutsches Suedwest Afrika (DSWA) colony were mounted infantry.

Pledge Manager to Open Soon For Toughest Girls of the Galaxy II

TGG2: Light and Darkness was a huge success with 3,052 backers and a huge number of miniatures unlocked, including $282 worth of Freebies for backers at the €175 Lieutenant Box Pledge Level!

With the Pledge Manager soon to open, we thought it was a good time for a bit of a recap of what's going to be available to backers.

So, where better to start than everyone's favourite bit... the Freebies :-)

We've showed the renders of all these in the Kickstarter updates, but never all in one place... until now!

New articles from Oddzial Ósmy at Assault Publishing

Today new articles from Oddzial Ósmy arrived to Assault Publishing on-line store. This time we have two newest SF sets in 1/600 (3mm) scale and four, fine 15mm Cold War Polish infantry sets. Also 1/600 SF range was re-stocked.

Voodooworx Miniatures Release Hul'Gren: The Collector

Hul Gren

We are excited to release next character from the world of Tir-Dagrau.

Hul'Gren: The Collector, Chieftess of the Bloodkin Clan

Available now from our webstore.