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Sunday Snippets

Well, my left arm hurts.
But then again, that's what happens when you stab it a million times.
And for the next couple weeks I get to have Hibiclens and Aquaphor on my person at all times.

Anyway, while I was changing the face of my left arm forever, I hope you were able to get some gaming in. At the moment, though, we've got some bite-sized stories to bring you.

Today's articles include: New Valhalla Strike Team From Puppets War, New Demonic Ground Bases 25mm From Puppets War, Happy Seppuku Stampede! Pre-order Happening Now, One Page Rules Adds New Fantasy Units, Clash of the Cards - Available on Kickstarter 2-3-2016, Era: The Consortium - The Secret War - Kickstarter 200% Funded, and White Dragon Miniatures Webstore open.

New Valhalla Strike Team From Puppets War

Valhalla Strike Team
Two new releases today.
Valhalla Strike Team (5 Valhalla Strikers)
Valhalla Strike Force (20 Valhalla Strikers)

Do You like them?

New Demonic Ground Bases 25mm From Puppets War

Demonic Ground Bases 25 mm
A warrior needs solid ground to stand on...
Even something truly hellish will do..

Demonic Ground Bases 25 mm

Happy Seppuku Stampede! Pre-order Happening Now

BK logo

For those that missed Happy Seppuku's 2015 Kickstarter, The STAMPEDE, it is not to late! Happy Seppuku Model Works is thrilled to announce we have opened up pre-ordering though Backerkit. The STAMPEDE produced 11 new texture stamps and our first two scenic stamps (fully released scenes for those looking to just stamp and go). It is also your chance to get our 2016 Kickstarter and Convention exclusive Spiderwebs. Additionally the STAMPEDE is a turning point kickstarter aimed and lowering the cost of all of our texture stamps while making them more versatile.

One Page Rules Adds New Fantasy Units


We are releasing a whole new army with the Stormcast Eternals, the rules for all of the newly released Dwarf units, and finally some rules for the Chaos Warriors stuff that was released since AoS hit the shelves.

This means that if you were looking for a skirmish game with more depth than AoS, but with which you can still use your new AoS miniatures, then you can play 1pFB with them.

Additionally we are hoping that maybe this gives players who like the new miniatures but want to play a regimental battle game a chance to do so. The Stormcast Eternals can be put on 40mm square bases, and the rest on bases the size of what similar units use (Varanguard can go on Skullcrusher bases, etc.).

Clash of the Cards - Available on Kickstarter 2-3-2016

Clash of the Cards

Justin Martin has announced a new card game CLASH of the CARDS. GoFish meets War meets OldMaid meets other fun card game dynamics in this 2-6 Player Battle Card Game that plays in 20-30 minutes.

CLASH of the CARDS builds on the dynamics of several strategic card games. This is a high-speed, strategic battle card game in which you battle your opponents to steal cards and win hands. To win each hand of this rummy-style game you collect armies (sets of 4). The first player to collect the required sets ends the hand, and all players count points. Keep playing hands until someone reaches 1,000 points. Each card in the game can be harnessed during battle. Use special cards to defend your armies, to walk away from battle, slow down your opponents, or join battles you were not invited to, in order to increase your chance at winning cards.

Era: The Consortium - The Secret War - Kickstarter 200% Funded


Era: The Consortium is a unique science fiction roleplaying game that allows for campaigns set anywhere within the rich 500-year history detailed in the core rulebook. The story focuses on the inhabitants of Taranis, a world populated by settlers who arrived in a Colony Ship from Earth many centuries ago, as well as several alien species.

In the first expansion for the RPG, the secret history behind the Consortium is revealed in more detail than ever before. Throughout the colony’s existence, elite operatives called ‘Shades’ have been manipulating events through murder, blackmail and theft. Backed by Hayden Bank’s powerful corporate infrastructure, they have access to the kind of high-tech weapons, armour and equipment other factions haven’t even heard about.

White Dragon Miniatures Webstore open

White Dragon Miniatures have opened their webstore after the successful Kickstarter has been fulfilled. The webstore has all the products from the kickstarter as well as some hobby supplies like Vallejo paints and Rosemary and Co brushes.

They are also offering a little preview of future works with the first 50 orders over £30 (excluding postage).

Head on over to check out the range and new store!