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Summoner Wars Digital gets Six New Factions

More and more, games you enjoy on the tabletop are also available on your favorite hand-held electronic communication/computation device. Apps of games make them easy to transport and play with friends. Though they often lag behind the physical version in terms of releases. Well, the Summoner Wars Digital version, from Plaid Hat Games, is getting six new factions added to it.

These new releases bring the total to 16 factions that are playable in the game, including reinforcements and mercenaries.
The new factions are:
Shadow Elves, relying on speed and surprise.
Sand Goblins (I hate when I get a sandy goblin), efficiently priced and can add up quick
Deep Dwarves, fantastic power if you can afford it
Swamp Orcs, death only feeds the ever-growing swamp from whence they come
The Filth (sounds like the Swamp Orcs, but they're different), trade your weak creatures into powerful tools
Mercenaries, walls, walls, walls, and more versatile walls.

You can pick up the expansion from the iOS store or Google Play for $3.99.