Summer Bonus Time at Hasslefree

Hasslefree Miniatures have sent details of their Summer Bonus Time offers.

From their announcement:

Hasslefree’s Summer Bonus time has begun. Here are the details.

Access until 3rd August to a ‘BOGOF’ (buy one get one free) page in the shop This will vanish on the 4th August. For any code displayed on this page all you have to do is add what you want to the shopping basket and we will automatically double the quantity in your basket. If you add ‘1’ we will add ‘2’, if you add ‘2’ we will double it to ‘4’. An excellent way to get ‘bits’ for converting if you fancied giving Madge’s gun to Amoy but didn’t fancy chopping up a full-price figure then you get 2 of each code to play with. If you are ‘money-careful’ then get the extras and pop them away for Christmas or a mates birthday. Buying for a club?…an excellent way to boost some prizes on the cheap.

2: Free Bases From Fenris Games
All orders over £30 GBP (excluding shipping) and made up of any purchases from the website (excluding gift vouchers) will get a free assorted pack of square resin bases manufactured by Fenris Games. Sizes will include at least 1 of each size in 50mm diameter, 40mm diameter, 30mm diameter, 25mm diameter and 20mm diameter in a random choice of either textured (cobble, dungeon etc) or plain lipped. We add this at Shipping

3: Unreleased Figure
Orders over £45 GBP (excluding shipping) will receive a free copy of the little lady shown below. She is a new,as yet unreleased, variation of HFA048 Debra and comes with a free G36c so you can chop her around a bit if you want to too.

4: Mystery Selection of figures
Fancy a mystery pack containing a selection of blistered stock figures for £10 GBP? We guarantee that you will receive either 4 or 5 figures from stock each with an individual RRP of between £2.50 and £4.50. Just add to shopping cart from the code found on any of the BOGOF pages.

5: Loyalty Card Holders
Add your Loyalty card number to the ‘comments box’ on the order form at checkout and if you have spent over £30 GBP you get some other bits as well. Not telling what they are you will just have to order and see what you get. If I told you it wouldn’t be much fun would it?