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Sukubus Studio running Valkyries Team Indiegogo campaign

Sukubus Studio is running (for the endzone) an Indiegogo (Go! Go! Go!) campaign for a new Valkyries fantasy sports (Yay Sports! Go sports!) team. This is Sukubus Studios' second team they've put together. And it seems you guys like it, since they've made their funding goal and broken a stretch goal. There's still a lot of time left on the clock (35 days) for them to make it through another goals. Go have yourself a look-see and cheer them on to victory!
You can also check out the various players below the cut.

From the campaign:

Valkyries Team is made up by a group of nordic female warriors. In it there are diverse kinds of Valkyries that represent the diverse roles in a Fantasy Football match. We’ve prepared several stretch goals that will add to the team as the campaign develops.

The idea came to us when Sukubus Team campaign finished. The feedback from backers was amazing and thanks for their support, encourage us to continue producing Fantasy Football Teams. For this occasion we decided to do something different again, and continue to offer alternative quality miniatures. We would like to point out that miniatures of the Valkyries Team will be slightly higher than the Sukubus Team.