Studio Twin Games – Twecoalk – Pulvun Miniature Indiegogo campaign on now

Studio Twin Games has an Indiegogo campaign up and running to create a new set of minis, the Twecoalk.



From the campaign:

Hello, we are David and Nicolas and we are Studio Twin Games. We are two passionate of Fantasy, figurines and games. We are pleased to introduce you Twecoalk, an amazing univers.

Why this Indiegogo ?

Because we need you!

Developing a range of figurines means substantial costs caused by sculpture, molding, illustration or communication investments. If these costs are easy to cover by large companies, young companies such as Studio Twin Games need the help of passionate people.

We intend to propose an original range with quality sculptures and casts. Your input will help us to fund the beautiful concepts of illustrator, as well as the sculpture of 5 figurines: Pulvun band.

Your support, will show us that Twecoalk has a future, as a world and as a range. The Pulvun band and the Walren are only a start, because Studio Twin Games is full of ideas and projects, for figurines, boardgames or wargames. Your Support constitutes the first stone of Twecoalk, which I hope will grow with and for its fans. Each of your contributions will be of great help for the building of Twecoalk world!

Help us to give birth to Twecoalk people!