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Studio McVey store back online and new LE Model available

Studio McVey has their webstore back online and to celebrate they've got a new limited edition model available. Say hello to Nikiita Perostek.

From the update:

Well it took a little longer than I anticipated, but the Studio Store is now re-open, and to celebrate we have a new release in the Limited Edition resin range. It's a great one too - OF-1 Nikiita Perostek is one of the Vanguard's finest young pilots, but she finds herself in a tight spot with some orbital station Firebrand insurgents, requiring all the skill and tactics she learned in the academy to shake them off.

This amazing multi part resin kit is available in the store now. It comes complete with a clear flying stand, and scenic resin base and a 50mm plastic base.

We also have a re-stock of the extremely popular Light and Dark set - so if you want one, grab them quickly.

I'll be posting larger pictures of Nikiita over on the Studio McVey forums and in a blog article in the next few days.

Spend over £30 in the store and get 10% off your order when you input the code: NIKIITA