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Studio McVey preview Kara's Last Stand

Studio McVey have a photo of a converted version of Kara Black called Kara's Last Stand which will be available for sale at Triples. Kara's Last Stand From their website:
This weekend (21st and 22nd of May) is Triples, and as we actually live in Sheffield we thought it made good sense to go along as a trader. I've never been to Triples before, but have heard great things about it from lots of people. We'll be taking the full range on Studio McVey LE resins and the Sedition Wars ranges - we are also going to have some preview copies of the new LE miniature we hoped to have ready for Salute. It's called Kara's Last Stand and is a conversion of the original miniature that spawned the entire Sedition Wars range. It shows Kara in the same fight as the first version, but looking even more bruised and battered. She's out of ammo for the heavy SMG and is down to knife and pistol to finish-off her unseen opponent. As it's a conversion of the original, we thought it right to reduce the the Limited Edition run to 400, rather than the normal 750. She'll go on general release either next week, or early in June - depending on how production goes. We'll have a limited number of castings available at Triples, so if you're there and want one - come and see us early.