Studio McVey preview first Firebrand figure

By tgn_admin
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Jan 26th, 2011

Studio McVey have posted photos of the first figure from the Firebrand faction for their Sedition Wars sci-fi range.

Firebrand figure

From their website:

Just a quick sneak-peek. I picked up the first castings of the initial four Firebrand sculpts a few days ago, so I thought I would share some pictures. The sculpt is by Remy Tremblay from a Stephen Tappin concept.

We are currently painting this group, and hope to have the Limited Edition resins on sale next week.

  • Borzag

    I have no idea what this thing is, but goddamnit I want one!

  • maestro

    seriously? the base is the best part of that mini… (and I like the base!). The model looks chunkly and clunky…

    • Borzag

      Surprisingly yes. I’m a fan of greenskins, and this looks like the stepchild of GW’s Orcs and Pulp Monsters’s Grimm. And I even like the tech levels 🙂

  • cybogoblin

    According to Mike, the model is only 25mm tall, so that might account for the odd look.

  • It looks awesome 🙂

    I want to see the rest of the faction.


  • Grim6

    Very nice! I wonder if they are planning a ruleset for Sedition Wars?

    • Morf

      I guess this is the idea behind those models.