Studio McVey Announces New Release

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Nov 23rd, 2011

Studio McVey Announces New Release:

From their announcement:

The latest release in the Limited Edition Resin series is in the store now! Azumi is one of the most detailed and beautiful miniatures we’ve released yet (at least we think so!).

We are offering members of our mailing list 10% off their orders with the release of this miniature – all you need to do is spend more than £15 in the store and you’ll get 10% off the entire order. Simply type AZUMI when prompted in the check-out process, and the discount will be applied.

This discount offer is valid until December 1st 2011

The price of this Limited Edition resin miniature is £12.99 and flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world is £2.95.

Click here to go to the store!

Azumi is 30mm tall and is supplied with a 30mm plastic base, the miniature comes as a multi-part kit (three pieces) and is strictly limited to 750 high quality resin castings.


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  • Doc


  • Darsc Zacal

    The free hand work on this mini is outstanding

  • grimbergen

    awesome as always. I love the ideas they come up with — usually something never explored by anyone else, and also not crazy way out there like other indie mini shops.

  • papasmrf667

    Damn that’s awesome,

  • Tommygun

    Will they be offering this as a metal miniature later on?

    • Veritas

      I don’t think so. Only the Sedition Wars models go metal and this isn’t for Sedition Wars. It should be limited to 750 resin casts and then retired.

      • Doc

        very happy I ordered one!

        • Veritas

          Yea, I got my order in quick, too. I have a feeling this one will sell through quickly.

          My only quibble is I wish she only had one sword and had been posed with one arm reaching across her body in mid-draw from a scabbard at her waist. Have about 1/3 of the bare blade showing.

          • Veritas

            Which, the reason I bought the figure is to use it as a Death Cult Assassin in my Inquisitorial warband in 40K. In the Dan Abnett Inquisitor books the agents are all very different from all walks of life. So I’ve been buying minis from all over that give me the feeling of outlandish agents. I then unify them with an Inquisition-esque black and red paint scheme. GW’s own retinue models are so boring. They have no flavor. Then again, in the game as opposed to the books, an Inquisitor’s warband plays with very little character as well.

  • SpuriousLogic