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Studio Capitan Releases Company Commander Historical Skirmish Game Rules

Studio Capitan Releases Company Commander Historical Skirmish Game Rules

Though many of us think of grand battles such as Waterloo or the sieges of Vienna when it comes to conflicts from a couple hundred years ago, truth is that there were countless little skirmishes between warring factions during those larger campaigns. Studio Capitan feels that those, too, should be able to be recreated on the battlefield. As such, they’ve released Company Commander, a new set of skirmish rules for historical battles.

From the announcement:

Now is time, as Company Commander to make your assessment of Studio Capitan’s COMPANY COMMANDER wargames rules. They are designed for games between small units of men such as reconnaissance patrols, convoy escorts, intelligence missions, border attacks, and other missions given to small groups of selected troops. The actions of small groups of soldiers and the direct commands of their officers are the most important aspects of play. The system simulates the frantic rhythm of an encounter. The “human factors” of individual initiative, speed and leadership are worth more than the grand tactics of larger battles.

These are small-scale rules at Company level that provide for close order as well as skirmish action, designed to play with 15mm miniatures with no rebasing needed – make use of your Napoleonic, Marlburian or Seven year wars Armies, and play small scale actions…. No rebasing needed…. Or make a brand new Army for the game… (Rules include conversions for paying in other scales as 28mm, 10mm…)

This edition includes Napoleonic & 1st Carlist Wars Armies lists. In the near future, we will Release Company Commander (Loss of Empire) an adaptation of the rules to play the Colonial Wars, second half of the XIX century and pre WWI wars….