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Studio Capitan Goes Digital

While I might prefer having a rulebook always in hand, that's not an easy thing to do. For example, if I wanted to look up some game rules right now, I don't have a stack of books next to me at my desk here at the office. But I do have various game books in .pdf form that I can open with a few quick clicks. Now I can add the books from Capitan Games to the list of books I peruse that way, as they've gone digital.

From the announcement:

We have exchanged our old swan plume quill, inkwell and sand-shaker for a pdf creator.... Now, our rules can be bought online from our store via Wargames Vault in downloable pdf format... However, those who prefer hard copies should not panic, we shall continue printing small runs of our rules and, where relevant, cards, or you can take advantage of the print-on-demand service offered by Wargames Vault.

You Will find in our Online Store

Company Commander
Small Actions and Skirmish Napoleonic

Divisonal Commander
Napoleonic Tactical Wargame

Marlburian Commander
Spanish War of Succession Wargame

Trireme Commander
Ancient Galleys Small Actions