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Strike True with the New FAQ for Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight Games announces a new FAQ for DUST Tactics:

From their announcement:

Axis mortar shells rattled the ground surrounding the building in which Lieutenant David Bonner and his Rangers Observer Squad took shelter after scouting the streets. As one of the Observers signaled the approach of two Axis walkers, the other shouted over the din of war. “Sir, HQ has our coordinates and are preparing to strike!”

Find your way to the heart of Dust Tactics and your opponent’s defenses with the new Dust Tactics FAQ v1.2 (pdf, 3.3MB) now available for download.

Clarity in the heat of battle
Messages get lost as messengers fall, and smoke obscures your vision as the heat of battle rises. Still, the new FAQ provides clear insight into Dust Tactics, clarifying difficult rules, answering common questions, and providing changes to previously existing rules when necessary to maintain the integrity and balance in this fast-paced miniatures board game set in an alternate-reality World War II.

The battle rages, and as troops on all sides seek guidance, producer Christopher Hosch carries the new report from HQ, shedding light on some of the recent updates.

A word from the producer

We’re proud of how Dust Tactics continues to grow and excite new players. However, with all the added attention and innovative new units, we sometimes receive questions for which the answers aren’t entirely obvious or find situations which the original rules don’t cover. To maintain the game’s integrity, the new FAQ clarifies some of these more difficult rules issues and presents one erratum to Artillery fire.

The previous FAQ stated that Artillery weapons ignore all types of cover. However, we quickly realized that this introduced conflicts with the structure rules introduced in Operation “SeeLöwe.” The very nature of Artillery weapons prevents a unit from firing the weapon from inside a structure. Since artillery shells fire up in a parabolic trajectory, they would just impact the ceiling, making it very dangerous for the artillery unit. Now Artillery weapons ignore all types of cover, except when attacking a unit that is inside a structure, and we've clarified how an observer can (or cannot) aid an artillery unit when targeting a unit inside a structure.
TotenMeister's Wiederbelebungsserum skill is a potent ability when used to its full effect. However, the Revised Core Set didn't properly explain exactly how this skill is used. In this FAQ, we have clarified the skill, as well as provided a detailed example. So when players finally get their hands on TotenMeister in the Axis Hero Pack, they will have the tools they need to maximize her effectiveness.

This FAQ also clarifies a few other rules including how the Jump and Fast skills are used during movement, as well as fixes to misprinted scenarios from Operation "Seelöwe" and Victory Bridge.

Christopher Hosh, producer