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Strike Legion: Skunk Works PDF released

Strike Legion: Skunk WorksLegionnaire Games have released the Strike Legion: Skunk Works supplement for their Strike Legion sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has released the newest book in the Strike Legion tactical game series. Strike Legion: Skunk Works is an 84-page extension that brings new optional and "advanced" rules to your gaming table. The fourth volume in the Strike Legion tactical series includes:
  • Rules for Scout EW, Tank Riders, Psionic combat, capturing enemy vehicles and troops, Aimed Shots, Ambushes, Drones, and more.
  • Complete rules for rail movement, trains, and land trains.
  • Solitaire gaming rules for the Strike Legion tactical game series.
  • New types of missiles, missile warheads, and artillery payloads.
  • Many new systems, weapons, and attributes.
  • A preview from an upcoming Strike Legion sourcebook of two opposing forces - The Omani Imperium and the Rikai'ishi'i Empire - including brief backgrounds and Data Cards for these two combatants.
  • Four new scenarios pitting these forces against each other in interesting tactical situations.
  • A consolidated construction section that includes all of the construction data from all Strike Legion tactical books to date.
  • Additional reference charts and game markers.
The Strike Legion: Skunk Works PDF retails for $9.99.