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Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is released

Legionnaire Games has released their Strike Legion: Platoon Leader game (we'd shown you the free demo download previously). It's over on Wargame Vault.

From the update:

Legionnaire Games has released the full version of their 15mm SciFi tabletop miniatures game.

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is a 15mm-based small unit combat game, where individual soldiers can make the difference between victory and defeat. The game features:

*Alternating squad-based activations, with each team of a squad capable of carrying out independent actions;
*Team actions that allow great latitude in tabletop operations, including a sensible Overwatch system and multiple team actions per turn based on morale status;
*Leaders and leadership actions that affect teams, squads, and (possibly) the actions of your entire force;
*Special rules for crew, medic, scout, and sniper teams;
*Crewed weapons and squad support weapons;
*A section dedicated to special characters (Personalities);
*Complete vehicle combat rules, including provisions for gunships
and infantry teams mounted on personal vehicles;
*Several dozen infantry team attributes, weapons characteristics,
and vehicle systems that can be incorporated into the player's own unit designs using the enclosed unit construction rules;
*Seven scenarios and over two dozen pre-made units;
*Simple conversion scales to use figures ranging from 6mm to 28mm,
based individually or with figures mounted on team bases.

While its focus is on futuristic combat, Strike Legion: Platoon Leader can easily be used to fight platoon- and company-level actions from World War II through modern settings with minimal modifications to the rules.

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is a complete game; ownership of other Strike Legion titles is not necessary to play this game.
(PDF: US$12.50)