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Strife: Shadows & Steam Card Game Up On Kickstarter

When water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit (at standard atmospheric pressure), it boils and turns to steam. This causes the space it takes up to expand many times over. There's a lot of power in that expansion, and it can be harnessed to do all sorts of work. From pushing pistons to turning dynamos. Steam could be one of the most vital products out there. And without it, Steampunk wouldn't be a thing. Well, thankfully, steampunk is a thing, and you can join in on some great Steampunk card game action with Strife: Shadows & Steam, an expansion to the Strife card game, that is up on Kickstarter now.

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Though this is an expansion, you need not worry if you don't have the original game. Strife: Shadows & Steam is a stand-alone game as well. The game retains the same core mechanics, but expands and adds to them. There's new Champion and Abilities and now the game features tokens. For those that don't know, Strife is a head-to-head strategy card game where players look to control areas around the world of Aerim, playing heroes from their hand. Each player knows what options are available to their opponent, so it's up to your wits versus theirs to see who can win.

The game has already passed its base funding goal, so they're working on making it to unlocking some stretch goals in the remaining 21 days of the campaign.