Stretch Goals passed, new add-ons posted for Zombicide 3

Zombicide continues to run along, making it through more stretch goals and posting up new add-ons for the Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

We have reached the $1,425k stretch and so all Patient 0 and Infected level pledges are going to get 2 of the VIP Zombie Santa sculpt.

Hungry for more Very Infected People? Then this next Optional Buy is for you:

The Box of Zombies VIP #2 contains: 20 VIP Zombies as well as 3 new Pimp Weapons. These weapons are different from the ones in the VIP #1 box. They are the same that all backers got in the $670k Stretch Goal.

The 3D Pack contains 69 3D doors and 2 sets of 3D barricades (each set is one complete barricade composed of 2 pieces). The 3D doors fully replace the normal cardboard token doors. When they are open they lock into place so that they don’t accidentally close. The 3D pack contains enough doors in all types and colours to set up any mission from Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Toxic City Mall or Angry Neighbors!