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Stretch Goal #2 previewed for Kaiju Kaos

Acheson Creations has posted up a preview of stretch goal #2 for their Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter kampa... campaign...
They've got a week left and are getting ever-closer to their goal.


From the update:

Hello! We're very close to funding this project but things seemed to have stalled a bit these last few days so I wanted to share Stretch Goal #2 with you as a potential enticement...The second Stretch Goal minifigure is Wraith the Undead by Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Productions. Wraith is part of the Serum Z Zombies faction led by AnCon Annie. One goal, when I set out to create Kaiju Kaos, was to make a truly playable zombie faction and not use them simply as objectives or terrain in a scenario. Wraith, the character, is inspired by bio-weapons in the Resident Evil franchise while the sculpt is pure Ironhaus!

How to obtain Wraith: If we reach our goal of $1,800.00, this project will be funded and production of "The Twelve" will get underway. However, if we hit our goal it doesn't mean we need to stop raising money. Enter the Stretch Goals! If we raise an additional $400.00 over our $1,800.00 goal, Wraith and Bokrsat will both be Unlocked and unleashed on the masses!

Once Unlocked, both will be thrown into the collective "choice pool" and backers may choose to add them to their rewards instead of a different character. Or, if you are one of the many who has pledged $70.00 or more, you will be able to add Wraith and Bokrsat to your rewards for free! Your initial pledge to receive 12 minifigures will be bumped up to receiving 14 of your choice!

Like all the others, Wraith will be cast in the Kickstarter-exclusive Vivid Slime green resin.