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Streets of Malifaux preview

Wyrd Miniatures have posted previews of assembled samples of the Streets of Malifaux Terraclips terrain sets. Streets of Malifaux From their website:
You didn't think we'd leave you hanging with just the TerraClips Sewers preview did you? Of course not. Below you can see that our friends at World Works Games have been busy playing with Streets and Buildings as well (and you can even see how they've been build on top of the sewers as well). You can also see how easily it is to do multi-layered layouts and access lower levels by simply lifting off the levels stacked above. I think I've talked enough, the photos do it so much more justice. (and yes, for you sharp eyed individuals, those are Malifaux tokens designed to match the terrain which are included with each set. In addition, there are these pop-outs with the same graphics as each set which fit into our bases, so your minis can be based on the same graphics.)