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Strange Magic: New Magic Systems for the Pathfinder RPG on Kickstarter

Strange Magic has several new ways for your spellcasters to operate in the Pathfinder RPG system. They're up on Kickstarter and have passed their funding goal, so check out stretch goals and so forth.

Strange Music


From the campaign:

Strange Magic aims to be the spiritual successor to 2006's Tome of Magic, featuring three new or totally rebuilt magic systems for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: ethermagic, musical composition, and truename magic!

Written in association with Jason Linker of Flying Pincushion Games and reviewer extraordinaire Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf of the GMS Magazine network, Strange Magic is ~200 pages* of unfettered magical creativity. Each magic system herein has been designed to fill a gap that classic Vancian magic simply cannot address, creating new and balanced play experiences that feel nothing like being a standard spellcaster, and, in one case, removing the “linear warrior, quadratic wizard” problem in its entirety. Each class, archetype, and prestige class in Strange Magic includes a full iconic character writeup for Game Masters, making each magic system’s insertion into a campaign world as easy as a cut-and-paste affair.