Strange Aeons upcoming releases

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide have posted details of their 2011 releases for Strange Aeons.

From their website:

ur miniature line will begin to expand once more in the new year.  The first four months of 2011 will bring these fine models to your tabletop:

  • January – Threshold Agents III
  • February – Cultists III
  • March – Giant Vermin
  • April – Fishmen II

Also, this being the season of giving, we have a little present for you.  Now available for download: the Twisted Fate Deck!  Originally produced as a one-off run of heavy-duty plastic cards for distribution at conventions, the deck has developed something of a cult following, and demand for its return has been high. We thus bring it to you in printable PDF form!  Note that you’ll need to print the page three times, giving you three of each Twisted Fate card.