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Strange Aeons taking pre-orders for Shocking Tales issue 3

Strange Aeons is taking names of people who want issue 3 of their Shocking Tales magazine. Be the first gamer on your block with it!

In this issue:

Shocking Tales of Madness & Mayhem, Issue No. 3 is now available for pre-order in UMW online store. This latest expansion contains 44 full-colour pages of insanity, including a terrifying trifecta of Black Dossier missions:
- Comb the jungle for clues as you combat the oversized flora and fauna of Test Island #3
- Attempt to escort Howard Philips Lovecraft to safety, as your agents are beset by the manifested horrors of his overactive imagination
- Return to Dunwich, and struggle to undermine the new horror rising in the wild hills
- Do battle using the unlocked power of your mind with Psychic Powers
Read the thrilling conclusion of Uncle Mike’s serial adventure “The Council of Thirteen”

All copies of Shocking Tales #3 include a deck of sturdy plastic Zener Cards for use with the Psychic Powers rules.

Shocking Tales #3 will have one – and only one – print run. Reserve your copy today!

Also, don’t forget this is a great time to join the Cult of the Black Goat at a specially discounted price. Not to mention a good opportunity to stock up on UMW miniatures, should a certain annual painting competition happen to be right around the corner… *cough*Brushoff!3*cough*