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Strange Aeons Quest scenario contest

Uncle Mike's Worldwide is holding a contest to develop a Quest scenario for the Strange Aeons horror skirmish game. From their website:
Yes, contest-mad Uncle Mike has another challenge for you: design a Quest Scenario!  Using the scenarios provided in the Strange Aeons rulebook as a guideline, devise a challenge for Threshold to undertake against the nefarious forces of the Lurkers.  Your scenario should include details for:
  • Requirements
  • Lurkers
  • Set Up
  • Special Rules
  • Starting the Game
  • Ending the Game
  • Treasure
You may create new tables, Lurker profiles or equipment required specifically for use in your scenario if necessary.  We’ll determine the number of Map Pieces required through playtesting, but feel free to make a recommendation with your submission based on your own playtesting experience. Submissions must be received my midnight MST on February 28, 2011.  Please provide your scenario in an editable format (Word, text or rich text - no PDF please) to  On March 1, we’ll gather the entries and start playtesting!  Winners will be announced by April 15, 2011.