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Strange Aeons now has Morbid Adventures

Strange Aeons has their new Morbid Adventures up on their website.

From the announcement:

Morbid Adventures has arrived, and is now available through the Strange Aeons website. This 50-page coil-bound volume contains:
- 2 new basic scenarios, plus many variants for your old favourites
- A revised and rebalanced basic scenario table to add more variety to your games
- 11 brand new spine-tingling quest scenarios, plus all those previously published
- Dark temptation in the form of powerful spells from the pages of the dreaded Necronomicon. Cast at your own peril!
- A condensed complete Lurker reference and combined Master Weapons Table
- Solo and multiplayer game modes

What started as a simple scenario compilation has become a game companion that we believe will completely revolutionize your Strange Aeons experience.