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Strange Aeons 2013 Cult Exclusive models posted up

Strange Aeons has a look at their newest Cult-Exclusive model over on their website. Are you a cultist?

From the announcement:

As we enter the Cult of the Black Goat's second year, it's time for a new cult exclusive miniature! Cultists may place an order with the UWM shop to receive their submerged Deep One, rules for which appeared in issue #2 of Fhtagn!, our cult newsletter.

The monstrous surfaced version, standing a staggering 3" high, will be officially released with Shocking Tales #4 in 2014. However, as an added bonus, cult members may procure this piscine peril immediately. Remember, cultists only, so non-members will have to purchase a cult membership (good for a lifetime!) if they wish to get their hands on one early.