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Strange Aeons 18th century rules version 1.2 released

Anatoli has posted an updated version of his free Strange Aeons 18th century rules. From their announcement:
Version 1.2 includes a lot of changes and tweaks. Among the changes is the return of Close Combat Bonus to die rolls, this is to make monsters and stuff from the books easier to use. Monster weapons such as claws, teeth etc has kept their CCB but their D+1/+2/+3 has been swapped for a D6/8/10 instead to be in line with the rest of the weapons. I added a "translation" of standard equipment found on agents and monsters, .45 handgun = Smoothbore musket and so on, The starting Build Points are increased to 18 and there are some other campaign related notes to make the transition between original and modification a bit easier.