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StoryLine Storytelling Card Game Available From Asmodee

You don't have to be Garrison Keillor in order to tell a good story (Yeah, raise your hand if you got that reference). It's hard to create a story from scratch. So having some sort of aid can really help. Having a group of friends around can be that sort of help, but then you have to worry about things going off-track. Well, the folks at Asmodee have released StoryLine, their storytelling card game that'll help with both aspects.

In StoryLine, one player is the narrator of a new fairy tale. Other players play cards suggesting places the story can go, or other elements to add to the story, including items, actions, and other characters. The narrator then picks what sort of elements will be added. Each round, the narrator changes. As rounds continue on, the story grows and evolves. In the end, you've told a full story.