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StoryHero Storytelling Game Up On Kickstarter

A murderer is about! They must be brought to justice! It's up to Special Agent John Reed to see that this culprit is captured and put behind bars. But he can't do it alone, you and your friends need to help him. There will be twists and turns, challenges to overcome, and other sorts of cinematic items to figure out. That's the story behind StoryHero, a new storytelling card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, you and the other players work cooperatively to tell the story of Special Agent John Reed. Through the use of the various cards, you'll move the story along, completing the plot as you go. There are 20 different stories you can play through, with 50 action cards, and 20 voting cards (because not everyone's going to agree which way you should go).

The campaign is about 1/4 funded with only 6 days left to go. So if you're interested, you should probably hurry up and join in.