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Storyception Games running Gomora: Down Town Kickstarter campaign

Storyception Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Gomora: Down Town, their new neo-noir card game. Players take on the role of a detective in the crime-filled city of Gomora and must solve their case without getting offed by either one of the many notorious citizens of the city, or by one of the other detectives in town. You get points for either finishing a case or taking out the competition, so there's more than one strategy to win in the game.

There are actually a couple modes you can play in the game. You can either go 1v1, 2vs2 (in a co-op mode), or a free-for-all. More than just cops and robbers, players will have to find and collect evidence to implicate some of the city's most powerful people for their wrongdoings. Danger lurks around every corner, as those powerful people will surely want to shut you up for good.

Plus, it's excuse to sit around in trench coats, fedoras, and say things like "doll" to one-another.

The campaign is about 1/3 funded and still has 18 days left to go.