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Storyception Games, a new company making interconnected sci-fi games

Storyception Games is a new gaming company with plans to make various games based on the same sci-fi universe and allow players to crossover characters from one setting to another.

Storyception Games


From the release:

Many of us enjoy the immersion we get from science fiction. We love getting to know the characters, places and stories, but most of all we relish seeing them grow and evolve over time.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to experience a world that grows with you? How about if you could play games set in a universe that feels alive?

Imagine reading about your favorite character, then becoming them in a tabletop role playing game. As the story unfolds, you end up being plunged into a tactical battle game. You triumph, but the next adventure may lead you to play a card game, or perhaps a dice game? Who knows? Take your story from one game to the next.

Storyception Games is a new company bringing together the worlds of science fiction literature and tabletop gaming in a way never done before. They are in the process of releasing a series of 5 games all set within a massive, detailed Sci-Fi world called the Apocalypse Universe.

The Apocalypse Universe is a world existing on thin promise. The brink of ultimate destruction is near. A large scale catastrophe has devastated the galaxy and each race is competing for survival.

“We are a team of creative professionals who want to give something back to the Sci-Fi community. We have designed the Apocalypse Universe and now we want to share it with others!” – Chris, Storyception Games

Interaction with the Apocalypse Universe doesn't end at playing the games with your friends. There are official competitions coming, in whom winners will help shape the future of the story itself.

Don’t just read about a world, experience it!

For more information about the Apocalypse Universe and to watch a trailer of the first game in the series, Galactic Arena, please visit their website.