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Stormcloud Attack Aerial Combat Game Available From Games Workshop

One of my favorite models I've put together in a long time was the DakkaJet from Games Workshop. When I saw one at my LGS when it came out, I picked one up immediately, even though I didn't play 40k at the time. I still have the model, even though it's currently the only 40k model I have. Well, now I can actually play a new game from Games Workshop called Stormcloud Attack.

The different sets are each stand-alone games. They're just different match-ups in the sky. The game pits the high-flying aces of the 40k universeagainst one-another in daring dogfights. The rulebook contains even a campaign, which you can use the waterslide transfers to keep tally of you kills. One could say Stormcloud Attack takes 40k to all new heights.

Orders are being taken now with orders shipping out on the 2nd of July.