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Storm the Castle Kickstarter Relaunch now live

Giant Goblin Games has started a Kickstarter for the relaunch of Storm the Castle, a semi-cooperative board game for 1-4 players.

From the campaign:

Storm the Castle! has relaunched on Kickstarter with new pledge levels, lower prices, and more rewards.

Storm the Castle! is a 1-4 player (you can play solo) semi-cooperative game, where you take the exciting role of 1 of 4 different marauding Dark Forces armies, in a race to breach Castle Storm Haven’s defenses and enter its mighty keep first.

Players have only 8 turns to slug their way through its nigh-impenetrable forces. If the Dark Forces are unsuccessful, the Fantasy Defenders (comprised of chubby Halfling Archers, Musketmen, Dwarven Pikers, armored Warrior Knights, and fireball hurling Battle Mages), will be victorious in repelling back the vile invaders.